January 30, 2023

Texas definitely has some of the most beautiful parks you will ever see in your entire life and they are perfect for hiking and camping. You will enjoy beautiful lakes and landscapes and nature in general better than I think you ever could anywhere else.

That said, Texas is also a huge place, and if you’re inclined to believe in hauntings, there’s plenty of haunted territory here, including in our parks.


There are places in Texas where superstitions are rampant and haunted myths are factually spoken. I’ve never been one to believe in urban myths, but once you know the backstory of certain places in Texas, you can’t help but believe that evil lives there.

ENTER THE CEDER RIDGE Preserve (if you dare)

Cedar Ridge Preserve is a beautiful, scenic park with very abundant wildlife just 20 minutes from downtown Dallas and features a 9-mile hiking trail that ranges from easy to difficult. It can be a perfect experience for someone who wants to hike, bird watch or just enjoy the wildlife without going too far into the wilderness.


According to Only in Your State, some strange things are happening in Cedar Ridge Preserve.

For example, there’s reportedly a see-through ghost dog roaming the park in search of its former master. There don’t seem to be any reports of the ghost dog attacking anyone, but I still don’t think I’d react well to seeing the little guy trotting toward me on a trail at night.

Some visitors have reported that when a person stands on a certain bridge in the park, they can lose all track of time and feel quite disoriented.


There just seems to be a vibe to the place that suggests you’re never completely alone. For people who love the idea of ​​being in the presence of ghosts and the supernatural, this is probably a cool experience. Personally, I don’t go near anything that evokes memories of a ghost. If you want to find out, check it out for yourself. I’m fine taking everyone’s word for it!

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