Steelers 2022 Practice Squad Tracker: Possible practice squad additions

Now that the 53-man roster for the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers has been set, the next step will be to search for more than 850 players who are no longer members of the NFL team. While the Steelers could find a player to bolster their roster before Week 1, their other concern is signing 16 players in the 2022 scrims. The first step is for players to clear waivers (if they have less than 4 cumulative seasons), they will be drafted to the other team’s 53-man roster.

As players wait to see if their dream of landing an NFL roster can still become a reality, many are negotiating with teams to join their practice squads in case they’re not asked to give up. As news and rumors emerge about the Pittsburgh Steelers practice team, we’ll continue to update them below.

Keep in mind that each NFL team can have a maximum of 6 players in their scrims, and there is no limit to the number of accumulated seasons.

Be sure to check out “Behind the Steel Curtain” or the latest news and notes about black and gold, as this article will be updated as more news and rumors come out.

Steelers practice team rumors

Eight players were announced

Rumors of former Steelers signing elsewhere

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