February 1, 2023

Georgia has quite a task ahead of it. Stetson Bennett joins the NFL after a legendary Bulldogs career that culminated in back-to-back national championships. This means that in 2023 there is a 5 foot 11 inch, 190 pound hole to be filled under the middle. The college football transfer portal window has come and gone, and Georgia has never signed a quarterback that way or in the high school ranks.

This shows that Kirby Smart is happy to see what he has in the house and he has three quarterbacks on scholarships at the moment. However, redshirt freshman Gunner Stockton is incredibly unlikely to win the starting job, at least as of today. While it’s entirely possible he could have an amazing spring and fall camp and surprise everyone and win the job, for the purposes of this article we’ll focus on his competition instead.

Please note that the number next to the two names means nothing, this is in no particular order as this is an open competition.

2. Brock Vandagriff, Redshirt sophomore

First off is the younger of King Stetson’s two potential heirs to the throne. In addition to having an absolutely insane name, Brock Vandagriff also has an insane arm that has made him the fourth-best picking quarterback in his 2021 draft class.

He’s had to make quite the transition from competing at the lower levels of high school to competing at the Power Five level, and it will be interesting to see over the spring and fall how much jump he’s made since he was in Athens has arrived. He has the potential to be something special and is more willing to use his legs than his counterpart Carson Beck, who we’ll get to in a moment.

This comes in handy on an offense that in 2022 made good use of Stetson Bennett’s mobility to find the best look for him to either throw or run the ball. Similar plans could be hatched for Vandagriff, which would reduce the overall offensive change for Georgia.

1. Carson Beck, redshirt junior

The other quarterback we should talk about is Carson Beck, a former number 9 quarterback in the 2020 class. Beck is the more prototypical pocket passer of the two and may have slightly less accuracy on deep balls than Vandagriff, but that’s just standing in his scouting report from high school.

There’s a lot I could try to say about Beck and Vandagriff, but the truth is that neither of them have played much since coming to campus, so all that will be said is the current state of their game , pure speculation. Spring training and fall camp will be a test by fire for both, and it will be full meritocracy. Kirby Smart has previously shown that he is very willing to take risks at the quarterback position when he feels it offers him the best odds of winning, as he did when handing the reins to Stetson Bennett via JT Daniels has. So there’s still room for both of them and Gunner Stockton to come in and win the job.

It’s probably the most coveted quarterback job in the country right now, with an inside track on a national championship and all the NFL attention and national accolades that come with it. It’s also one of the most interesting quarterback fights in the country, so keep an eye on Athens, Georgia as we progress through college football’s offseason, and know that whoever gets the first snap for Georgia next fall will will deserve it.

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