Surging Mariners patiently dismantle Guardians 4-0

The action is exciting. It has a market. It gets blood pumped. Most importantly, it’s unforgettable. We all vividly remember pivotal, exciting moments in Mariners history. I mean, I just need to say “The Double” and you all know what I’m talking about.

However, I think silence and contemplation have enormous virtues. In our busy, overworked and overconnected modern lives, we rely on quiet nights to personal favorite Star Trek The episodes are courtroom dramas and morality dramas, episodes without much action. I spend 30 minutes reading and drinking tea before bed. Maybe I’m just bored, but I find great joy in quiet personal time.

That’s why I love the boring game tonight. While the hosts of FOX Sports were desperate to make the game exciting, it wasn’t. However, it was a perfect example of a solid base baseball that completely disbanded the teams that led their divisions.

I think as Mariners fans, we’re still used to the idea of ​​this team and beating good teams. We didn’t wait long to be reminded, however, as Ty fired the ball high over the massive wall in left field to give the M an early 1-0 lead.

Of course, that lead never went away due to the suspension, but to really quiet down the game we needed some insurance. It looked like we were all ready to laugh again, and in the second, M’s base had just one out and Ty came to the plate. He popped up on the first pitch, though. Haniger was able to make up for it by walking four pitches and forcing Cal home. Eugenio was followed by a 99 mph liner that was unfortunately swallowed up by Jose Ramirez.

We had to wait until the Mariners scored again in the fifth inning when a three-run hit came for Cal Raleigh, who continued to be in good form, drawing the ball to the right, and the hit ball was Hit so hard that Jesse had to hold on to third to see if it would go down.

The next batsman, JP looked at four straight balls to make the count 3-1 (*cough* robo umps pls *cough), fouled a few more times, then took the fourth to make it 4-0 and marked Guardians pitcher Xzavion Curry loaded his second base with a night walk.

That’s M’s offense, saving Adam Frazier’s single in the 7th, he was caught stealing in the 2nd and disbanded. Running four times in a race is good, but getting 10 runners into trouble is not. Lobster is often caught in sailors’ nets. Going forward, as teams look to push wild cards hard, they’ll have to keep up the pressure and cash in on full bases over multiple games.

So what about pitching? Well, going into this I’m a little concerned about Robbie “Fastball” Ray facing the Guardian of Swing Joy, but I’m happy to report that my concerns are mostly unfounded. Robbie can’t really get a sense of smell, especially on his slider, but he’s able to make good shots, for better or worse.

In his 6-inning work, he walked 0 Cleveland hitters, but he did give up 6 hits. Like the bar across the street from campus, full of desperate singles. Robbie was able to trust the much-touted defense behind him, and it all worked out. He got himself into trouble in the second half of the 5th, but crucially, unlike Robbie Ray in April and May, he was able to get out of the way with Tyler Freeman’s The strikeout is over.

As always, the bullpen is the nail in the coffin, although in some ways they put my “this game isn’t exciting” thesis in jeopardy. The first way is a great performance by Matt Brash that I can watch forever.

Matt’s pitching was more accurate in this game than he was on the mound. The second way the game got a little exciting was in Game 9, when Paul Seward let the Guardians start a flirtatious comeback. After two outs and two outs, FOX broadcasters began suggesting that Cleveland could bring this one back, as it was just one major slam shy of 4 points. Thankfully, Miles Straw hit one lightly in the air, where Mickey dragged it in to end the game. Not so exciting after all.

Of particular note tonight was the Mariners’ defense. With only four strikeouts on the pitch tonight, the M had to rely on their defense. Still, this defense is one of the best in baseball, so they’re totally fine. Defense is arguably the most important aspect of the game, so seeing the team perform well is a good sign.

With rabies-infected animals starting this week, I think a game like this is the perfect reminder of why we love baseball. Crucial home runs and home runs are fun, but our sports are often more structured and mechanical than that. Less drinking games and more board games. Less battle royale, more management game.

Sometimes when we’re tired after a long week of work or school, a comfortable sailor winning is the best thing in the world.

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