Crypto Lending Now Pays Less Than Safest US Government Debt

Cryptocurrencies are facing a new threat: the lure of Treasuries offering a similar payment for much less risk. In a rare turnaround, the yields on cryptocurrencies that institutions typically seek have dropped below what the U.S. government pays to borrow for three months, giving hedge funds and family offices poured into the digital space one … Read more

What Is A Quantitative, Market-Neutral Crypto Hedge Fund Of Funds?

James Hodges is the general partner and co-founder of Amphibian Capital. He is a serial entrepreneur and a cryptocurrency influencer. He helped scale the fintech startup from two to 28 million users. Russ Alan Prince: What is the amphibious capital? James Hodges: Amphibian Capital is a market-neutral financial vehicle built to … Read more

How To Talk To Clients About The Recession

There has been a lot of talk lately about a recession. Negative economic growth in the first half of this year seemed to confirm the most pessimistic forecasts. Some experts have even said that it would take a miracle to avoid a deep economic recession. Of course, customers care. But should they? What could a … Read more

Volatility Didn’t Kill Crypto. It Changed It.

After a severe bout of volatility and a series of several spectacular cryptocurrency failures earlier this year, some voices from the mainstream financial industry were quick to declare these assets dead, but people in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry say that consultants’ interest in digital resources is greater than ever. “Whenever a withdrawal occurs, we … Read more