How do you even cheat in chess? Artificial intelligence and Morse code

CNN — The story shook chess, and it shows no signs of abating. A cheating scandal involving five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen that has engulfed the sport is what everyone is talking about. Carlsen tweeted a lengthy statement on Monday, explicitly accusing fellow grandmaster Hans Niemann of cheating for the first time. The allegations come … Read more

Coding Made AI—Now How Will AI Unmake Coding?

Dragon was never resold—a strange fate for one of the most historically relevant NFTs ever. Newer NFTs such as “The Merge,” a piece of digital art that sold for the equivalent of $92 million, left Dragon behind as the NFT market surged to record sales, totaling roughly $18 billion in 2021. Has the world simply … Read more

NFTs as a Force for Good: The Case of the Savvy Salamanders

People have long searched for rare physical objects, such as paintings, figurines, and memorabilia. Recent innovations in blockchain technology have allowed people to exclusively own and trade unique tokens that represent ownership of digital assets such as images and text files, known as non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Although NFTs have been around for a while, … Read more

With artificial intelligence and increased profits, Feed3 (FD3) plans to become the new crypto king and displace VeChain (VET) and Ripple (XRP)

ANI | Updated: 08 September 2022 11:48 IST New Delhi [India], September 8 (ANI / ATK): Blockchain technology is becoming popular every day and several people are taking advantage of its versatility. What started as an alternative to fiat currencies has evolved into a billion dollar industry. Bitcoin (BTC), which is the first known cryptocurrency, … Read more

From Google Home to Alexa, Artificial Intelligence to play large in trading of cryptocurrencies

From Google Home to Alexa, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) seems to have grown over the years. It is now believed that AI will play a bigger role when it comes to cryptocurrencies traded. “As more financial institutions start offering cryptocurrencies as a wealth management offering, the roles of AI-supported trading will become more … Read more