Seeing Green: Sustainability Remains of Interest to the Competition Bureau

Canada’s Competition Bureau (Bureau) hosted a summit in late September, its first in-person event in more than two years. The summit explored the intersection of competition law and environmental and sustainability goals, indicating that this area remains a high enforcement priority for the Bureau (details on the Competition and Green Growth Summit can be found … Read more

15 Questions to Ask Personal Injury Lawyers in Ontario

If you have suffered an injury in Ontario as a result of an accident or someone else’s negligence, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. Finding the right personal injury attorney to handle your unique case is key to receiving the compensation you deserve. One way to find the best attorney for your case … Read more

Carrot or Stick? FERC Grapples With How to Incentivize Electric Utility Cybersecurity Investments

The US power grid is a prime target for cyber attacks, including by state actors and organized crime. Electric utilities have been ahead of much of the rest of the energy sector in strengthening their cybersecurity defenses, in part due to mandatory cybersecurity rules under North American Electric’s Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) reliability standards. Reliability … Read more

The Law Commission’s consultation paper on digital assets (corporate law aspects) – Part 2

In July 2022, the Law Commission for England and Wales launched its consultation proposals inviting comments and acknowledgments for the protection of digital assets (such as cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)). In Part 1 of this article we covered (1) the suggested creation of a third category of personal property and (2) how the … Read more

SEC and CFTC Jointly Propose Amendments to Form PF Regarding Digital Assets

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (the “Commissions”) recently proposed amendments to Form PF that address, among other things, the growing popularity of digital asset strategies among private funds. New and existing managed by registered investment advisors and the increasing volatility these assets have seen in recent years.1 … Read more

Don’t let standards slip: How to prioritize your efforts when everything is essential

After decades of improvements in communications technology, it is now possible to connect devices to communications networks and to each other, to enable an increasingly digital and interconnected world. Information and communication technology (ICT) companies have collectively spent billions of investments in related research and associated intellectual property rights (IP) since the 1980s and are … Read more

DOJ Issues Report on Efforts to Combat Digital Asset Criminal Activity and Announces Designated Prosecutors to Support

On September 16, the United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”) released a report on the role of law enforcement in the detection, investigation and prosecution of criminal activities related to digital assets under the President’s Executive Order. Biden on ensuring the responsible development of digital assets (the “EO”). In its press release, the DOJ also … Read more

How To Capture Requirements for a Contract Management System

Contract management software can help companies, especially their legal teams, gain control of their processes, maintain flawless compliance, and drive new efficiencies. But implementing new software isn’t always just a case of plug-and-play, especially if you’re looking to improve multiple processes your team has been used to for several years. Before introducing any type of … Read more

Verra contemplates future of crypto instruments and VCUs

Launched on August 3, 2022 and continued until October 2, 2022, Verra is hosting a public consultation on the proposed approach for third-party cryptographic tools and tokens. The public consultation is open to comments on the measures to responsibly link verified carbon units (VCUs) with digital assets, the know-your-customer checks that should be conducted on … Read more

DOE Expands Battery Charger Test Procedure to All Wireless Battery Chargers

Recently the Department of Energy (“DOE” or the “Department”) published a final standard that modifies the test procedure used to demonstrate that chargers meet the energy efficiency requirements of 10 CFR § 430.32 (z).[1] The final rule reorganizes some subsections of the test procedure and includes several administrative reviews to, for example, correct cross-references and … Read more