Cardinals clinch 2022 National League Central title

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MLB discussing contingency plans for Mets-Braves series in Atlanta

NEW YORK — Major League Baseball is discussing contingency plans with the Mets and Warriors as Hurricane Ian hits Florida’s Gulf Coast, according to multiple people familiar with the matter, should the storm affect this weekend’s three games in Atlanta. game series in talks. Realistic options include changing game times or playing one or more … Read more

Marlins Richard Bleier called for three balks

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CLINCHED! Cardinals claim 2022 NL Central crown, fourth consecutive playoff berth

Watch assorted highlights from inside the Cardinals locker room celebration from Milwaukee as they clinch the 2022 NL Central Division Crown Carter Chapley MILWAUKEE — The first goal the Cardinals set for themselves in spring training, the gateway goal that would get them into the postseason and closer to achieving their loftiest ambition, is … Read more

Ronald Acuña Jr. comes off bench to lead Braves to win

PHILADELPHIA — After an 8-7 11-inning win over the Phillies Sunday afternoon at Citizens Bank Park, screams of jubilation came from outside the Warriors clubhouse, evoking memories of last year’s playoff festivities. “It’s an interesting team,” Warriors center fielder Michael Harris II said. “That’s why we’re so excited.” If the Warriors achieve their ultimate goal, … Read more

Kris Bryant done for 2022 with foot issues

DENVER — Rockies outfielder Chris Bryant acknowledged Saturday that returning from a season-ending injury to his right foot is not “likely”. In the first season of a seven-year, $182 million contract, the 30-year-old Bryant played in just 42 games, spending much of the first half with a back injury. Then came the combination of plantar … Read more