Terraria: The Best Mounts, Ranked

Terrariums is an open world sandbox game with adorable pixel art that can be played alone or with friends! One of the best things about the game is the variety of items available to the player. Terrariums is a game where players can pour hours into their world and still discover new items.

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Players can collect mounts, which are extremely necessary for players to quickly traverse from biome to biome in this 2D landscape. of terrariums a wide range of weird and wonderful mounts ranging from basic horses to winged rainbow oozes! This list features the 13 best mounts in the game, including some from Pre-Hardmode and Hardmode, and how to get them, so players can ride into the sunset.


13 Bunny

Summoned with the Fuzzy Carrot item, the Bunny mount is a lovely addition to the game. It has a top speed of 40 mph and is an excellent early game mount!

This fuzzy mount is awarded to players after completing five fisherman fishing missions.

12 Bee

The Bee mount is one of the best starting mounts for Pre-Hardmode. Players can get Googled Honeyed from the fight against the queen bee, located in the hives within the jungle biomes. It has a 5% drop rate, so players may need to kill it multiple times before it falls.

The bee mount can be paired with the Cloud item in a bottle to gain more flight time and feel like they are wearing wings!

11 Flamingo

This pink mount can be purchased from the Zoologist NPC for 20 gold. The Flamingo mount can float in water and is surprisingly fast, with high acceleration!

However, the Mollusk whistle can only be purchased after players have completed 25 percent of their Bestiary, the in-game catalog of Terrariums‘s various creatures, including NPCs, creatures and bosses.

10 Golf cart

Golf Cart Keys can be purchased from the Golfer NPC for 50 gold. It has two prerequisites to fulfill before players can get their hands on these keys: Skellington must be defeated and players must have achieved a golf score of at least 2,000.

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While riding, this mount deals summon damage to enemies at full speed. It can also be a convenient source of light as it emits a cone of light in the direction the player is facing.

9 Slime

The slimy saddle looks disgusting, but is released at a 25% release rate by the Ooze king, the boss of the Ooze Rain event, and is required to summon the ooze mount.

The classic Terrariums Slime holder can float and jump high enough! This tame bouncy ball will also damage all enemies hit by players.

8 Rodolfo

Christmas can be all year with this frame! Rudolph, summoned with reindeer bells, is obtained from the Frost Moon event. He is a rare drop from the Ice Queen, one of the spawning mini-bosses.

This iconic reindeer nullifies any fall damage when mounted and has rapid acceleration and flight, allowing players to zip through the skies in no time!

7 Witch’s broom

The witch’s broom is perfect for Halloween fans! He is dropped from Mourning Wood during the Pumpkin Moon event He can fly to infinity and has a smaller hitbox, allowing players to make their way through smaller spaces without disassembling.

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The Witch’s Broom is, however, limited to Expert Only mode. For players who want the extra challenge, there is also a Master mode for Terrariums!

6 Scutlix

Scutlix is ​​the perfect support for all science fiction fans. It is summoned with the Brain Scrambler item, dropped by a Scutlix Gunner with a 1% chance. The Scutlix Gunners appear during the Martian Madness Invasion Event Hardmode, which is triggered by players being detected by an alien probe in the space layer of their world.

The Scutlix mount automatically fires lasers at enemies and has fast movement speeds.

5 Winged Slime

An upgrade to the previous basic slime mount, the winged slime, is obtained by defeating the queen slime.

The Winged Ooze, summoned by the Gelatinous Pillon, is one of the best mounts in Hardmode. She can damage enemies if they are jumped up and can float in water.

4 Cute Fishron

This adorable flying fish mount is obtained by defeating Duke Fishron in Expert mode, with a 100% drop chance, so players will only need to complete this fight once. It can be evoked with the Shrimp Truffle object.

Cute Fishron has infinite flight and has extra damage and movement bonuses when moving through liquid. Like most sea creatures, it has slower movement when on land.


The UFO is a slow but mobile mount, ideal for fighting airborne bosses like the Lunatic Cultist or adding extra touches to player bases. It has an infinite flight and disassembles when immersed in liquids.

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The Cosmic Car Key has a 16% drop rate from the Martian Saucer, which spawns during the Martian Madness Hardmode event.

2 Unicorn

The Unicorn mount is one of the fastest Hardmode mounts. Fortunately for players, this majestic mount is also one of the easiest to obtain. Players simply need to farm the unicorns that breed in a consecrated biome, which should eventually drop the blessed apple.

It guarantees invulnerability at high speeds and is incredibly fast. Players can also double jump to jump over troublesome terrain.

1 Drill

This versatile mount allows players to mine and fly simultaneously, with a mining range of 15 titles; perfect for lazy gamers! The summoning item, the drill containment unit, must be crafted. Requires 160 Lumite, 600 Chlorophyte Ore, 600 Bright Mushroom, 20 Ectoplasm, 120 Hellstone and Meteorite ores and 40 Obsidian.

Players will need to have defeated the endgame boss, the Moonlord, at least twice to obtain the required amount of Luminite ore, making it one of the best endgame mounts.

Terrariums is available to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch. It is also available for purchase on iOS and Android devices.

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