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On behalf of everyone at The Resource Center and Filling the Gap, Inc., we want to thank those who helped make our 26th Laurel Memorial Run & Walk a success. There were so many people and companies that contributed to the success of this year’s event that we can’t list them all.

But we want to draw attention to the following:

¯ Publisher Mike Bird, Publisher John D’Agostino and the staff of The Post-Journal and OBSERVER for the publication of the journal’s special edition Laurel Run / Walk. This was the 15th year of newspaper sales and we are grateful for the exposure the special edition brings and the money it generates.

¯ Anyone who supported the sale of newspapers by buying a newspaper or volunteering to sell newspapers. We were delighted that Senator George Borrello and Silver Creek Mayor Jeff Hornburg are selling documents again this year. And we’re grateful to the Tim Horton workers in North County and South County for allowing volunteers to sell documents at their locations.

¯ Representatives from the Lakeview Correctional Shock Jail facility and all school districts that took part in the Jamestown to Dunkirk relay race.

¯ The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department, the New York State Police and the Dunkirk, Ellicott, Fredonia and Jamestown Police Departments for escorting the runners to the relay. Having patrol units accompanying the runners helps ensure their safety while also drawing attention to the relay.

¯ Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas and his assistant, Carol Oliveira, for hosting a victory celebration at the Resource Center’s Lake Shore Drive facility following the conclusion of the relay.

¯ People with disabilities and their support staff from The Resource Center, who have positioned themselves at various points along the relay course to cheer on the runners.

¯ Silver Creek Village for hosting major Laurel Run events, most notably the Emergency and Rescue Team and the Department of Public Works.

¯ Matt and Karen Bogosian, who provided the sound system for the music and announcements at the Silver Creek events.

¯ All of our amazing volunteers, who donated their precious time to help keep events running smoothly. Special thanks to the Chautauqua County Fire Police for keeping runners and walkers safe.

¯ Niles Dening, Shannon Dening, Chris Anderson, Austin Mitchell and Jane Young for their photo shoots.

¯ The Post-Journal, OBSERVER and other area media to provide coverage of this year’s events.

¯ Everyone who raised money for our event. In particular, we thank sisters Janelle and Jaylah Cossin, who once again ran and cycled the 30-mile relay, raising over $ 900 to support their efforts; and Kurt Langer, who raised more than $ 4,000.

¯ United Refining, which he has again sold “I support the Laurel Run / Walk” cards in the Kwik Fill offices of the area

¯ All businesses and area residents who have donated money or prizes.

¯ And, of course, everyone who took part in the 26th Laurel Memorial Run / Walk.

The big news this year was that event founders Wayne and Elaine Hotelling of Silver Creek announced that they will step back from being so deeply involved in all the planning and preparation that goes into putting the Laurel together. Memorial Ru & / Walk each year.

But they identified several community members to take on some of the responsibilities Wayne and Elaine have handled over the years and left us their playbook on how to do it all. So we are confident that we can carry on the vision the Hotelling had when they created Laurel Run in 1997 in honor of their daughter Laurel, to celebrate the potential that exists in everyone with a disability. The money raised through the event supports advocacy, employment and job training opportunities for people with disabilities.

The Laurel Run / Walk Planning Committee is looking forward to seeing everyone at the 27th Laurel Memorial Run / Walk July 14-15, 2023.

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