January 29, 2023

The Mandalorian has flown to the top of the TV demand charts ahead of the March 1 premiere of Season 3. Last week, the series was 28.5 times more popular than its peers in Australia and 15.03 points above average in New Zealand.

Netflix stranger things remains near the top of the charts, ranking second in Australia and first in New Zealand with 21.59 and 15.23 points above the market average. The sci-fi show’s fifth season is set to go into production in May 2023, so there’s still some time before a release date is confirmed.

season two of Ginny & Georgia premiered on Netflix on January 5 and placed third in Australia and New Zealand’s digital original series. With a rating 19.47 times higher than other shows in Australia and 12.35 points in New Zealand, the family secrets caught up with the Millers at the worst possible time for the new season.

the Mandalorian

Ginny and Georgia return to Netflix for season two

In conversation with meetingshowrunner Sarah Lambert said a third season has not yet been renewed by Netflix.

In Australia Paramount+’s 1923 Number four when the streaming platform announced new episodes of the show would return on February 5 after last season went on hiatus.

In TV shows overall game of Thrones entered second, directly below the mandalorian, with 28.5 points above average. In New Zealand, the popular show fell to fourth place with 16.57 points above the market average.

Game of Thrones ranks second in Australia’s overall shows

In New Zealand’s total shows, the new series, The last of us topped the charts by a margin of 20.31. The show premiered on January 15 and is based on the 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog.

The series is set twenty years after a mass fungal infection triggered a global pandemic. The infection causes its victims to turn into hostile, cannibalistic zombie-like creatures.

the Walking Dead came third in Australia and second in New Zealand The White Lotus Fourth in Australia and third in New Zealand.

Top 10 Digital Original Series: Australia
1 The Mandalorian Disney+ 28.5x
2 Stranger Things Netflix 21.59x
3 Ginny & Georgia Netflix 19.47x
4 1923 Paramount+ 19.33x
5 Wednesday Paramount+ 18.89x
6 The Handmaid’s Tale Hulu 16.52x
7 Andor Netflix 16.45x
8 Tulsa King Paramount+ 15.46x
9 The Boys Amazon Prime Video 14.52x
10 Ted Lasso AppleTV+ 14.51x

Top 10 Digital Original Series: New Zealand
1 Stranger Things Netflix 15.23x
2 The Mandalorian Disney+ 15.03x
3 Ginny & Georgia Netflix 12.35x
4 The Handmaid’s Tale Hulu 12.31x
5 Andor Disney+ 11.38x
6 Warrior Nun Netflix 10.68x
7 The Boys Amazon Prime Video 10.37x
8 Ted Lasso AppleTV+ 9.84x
9 The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Amazon Prime Video 9.4x
10 Wednesday Netflix 8.71x

Top 10 Best TV Shows Overall: Australia
1 The Mandalorian 28.5x
2 Game of Thrones 24.67x
3 The Walking Dead 23.84x
4 The White Lotus 22.11x
5 Stranger Things 21.59x
6 one-piece suits 19.98x
7 Grey’s Anatomy 19.71x
8 Ginny & Georgia 19.47x
9 1923 19.33x
10 Better call Saul 18.92x

Top 10 Overall TV Shows: New Zealand
1 The Last of Us 20.31x
2 The Walking Dead 16.92x
3 The White Lotus 16.79x
4 Game of Thrones 16.57x
5 Stranger Things 15.23x
6 The Mandalorian 15.03x
7 Better call Saul 14.94x
8 Yellowstone 14.55x
9 House of the Dragon 14.5x
10 The Beginner 13.08x

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