Thot Doc’s Brain Droppings on Nebraska Football’s Win Over North Dakota

On a breezy but sunny September afternoon, the Nebraska Cornhusks beat the North Dakota Eagles 38-17 in their home opener, a game that wasn’t decided until the fourth quarter. The Huskers improved to 14-0 against their FCS opponents, but as opponents dominated possession in the first half (20:38-9:22), the Huskers had only 24 offensive snaps before the break.

Between the Blackshirts’ sloppy steals and the inability to glue the offensive line together, Husk stumbled after a quick opening score, and the subsequent kickoff ended with turnovers, punts and missed field goals. Meanwhile, North Dakota had 16 80-yard scoring drives that consumed nearly half of the second quarter and tied the score at seven.they got help six Suspended as head coach Scott Frost contributed three of Husk’s stoppages to allow the Eagles to score with 13 points left. Nebraska had to end the second half due to a lack of clock management. Equally puzzling, the Husk guard celebrated the Eagles’ 2-yard 4th and 1st conversion from beyond the 5-yard line. I can only conclude that the players think North Dakota is in a fourth-and-goal situation. Players and coaches are concerned about the lack of game awareness.


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