February 4, 2023

In a split vote, Trenton City Council made an appointment for the board of directors of the Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau Monday night, but only after lengthy discussions about who has the authority to make appointments.

Two weeks ago, Mayor Linda Crooks appointed three people to the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Debbie Carmen, Micah Landes and Jim Norris. The council voted seven to nothing to approve the selection.

It was later announced that Norris would replace Megan Pester on the board as her term of office was expiring. When the Board of the Convention and Visitors Bureau met this month, current members wanted Council liaison Marvin Humphreys to know if the Council would consider adding one person to the Board and appointing Pester.

At last night’s council meeting, Chairman Jordan Ferguson announced that Jim Norris had resigned and the Board of the Convention and Visitors Bureau wants him to do so Having Megan Pester back as a member as she was ready to continue serving.

Former chairwoman Cara McClellan urged Mayor Crooks to provide a valid business reason why Pester should not be appointed. In response, Crooks said she had her reasons but not detailed. Councilor Humphreys read from a copy of the regulation establishing the Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau Board, which states that any vacancy is to be filled by Council appointments. Crooks stated, and several others on the council agreed, that as mayor she makes appointments to boards and commissions with the consent of the council. And more recently, this has been the case with the various councils and commissions.

When Norris Crooks announced his resignation two days after his appointment, the mayor said she wanted to find someone else from the college to serve on that board.

An attempt last night to clarify the wording in the regulation on how members are appointed fell through in a roll-call vote of six to two in Council. After receiving guidance from City Attorney Tara Walker, it was discovered that there was a vacancy Board since Norris resigned.

The council passed a motion to appoint Megan Pester, which passed by a five-to-three roll-call vote. In favor were Marvin Humphreys, Robert Romesburg, Duane Urich, Glen Briggs and Danny Brewer. Against this stood David Mlika, John Dolan and Lou Fisher.

This was William Louis Fisher’s first meeting with the current council after being sworn in 1st last nightSt Ward Councilman to fill a vacancy left by Lance Otto’s resignation in December. Fisher will serve out the term through the April election, where he is the only candidate on the ballot for the first ward position.

Trenton City Council unanimously approved two ordinances containing agreements with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. An ordinance results in new lighting on the north side of Highway 6, in front of the new Dollar General Store

on the western edge of Trenton. Three masts with lighting are to be purchased and erected at the expense of the city. The purchase was previously approved by the council, but the poles and lights could not be ordered until MoDOT agreed to be responsible for maintenance and traffic control equipment.

The other agreement allows the city of Trenton to accept a $22,000 ARPA grant at the airport, with the city planning to use the money to purchase fuel.

City Administrator Ron Urton announced that a $9,700 grant was approved for the Trenton Police Department to purchase heavy coats and safety vests for officers. Chief Rex Ross said no local match is required. He noted that the money comes from the federal government as a “pass-through” grant from the state. Urton thanked Lieutenant Larry Smith for writing a successful application.

The Council authorized Administrator Urton to sign an Access Permission Form permitting soil sampling at the former USDA grain storage facility in Trenton. The DNR is requesting a follow-up soil sampling to confirm the presence or absence of “Volatile Organic Compounds of Concern” at 1712 Harris Avenue, the current location of the Fire Department’s burn training center. Soil samples will be taken this spring from three locations on the site, which was used for grain storage from the late 1950s until around 1972. The work is being carried out by the Bluestone Environmental Group of Pennsylvania.

The Council approved the selection of Grant Harse as counsel, if and when required, from Lathrop-GPM LLP’s Kansas City office. Urton said the City of Trenton does not need the attorney at this time, but he may be called upon in the future if the need arises.

The council also reviewed five proposed sites for road works, the net meter report for ten customers and the impact of the cold temperatures leading up to Christmas on Trenton’s public utilities.

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