January 30, 2023

TRibeza Magazine, the leading arbiter of design, art, architecture and Austin culture for 21 years, has brought a new managing partner on board to guide its future.

The principles behind Urban Publishers Inc., the 27 year old media company that operates paper town Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, RoundTop.com and the Round Top Antiques + Design Show Guide formed Tribeza Media LLC and acquired majority ownership and management Tribeza. The new owners have no intention of changing the overall brand or core content of the venerable Austin magazine, and most of the staff will remain in place. A key cornerstone of the purchase is Urban Publisher Inc.’s proven ability to strengthen its digital presence and promotional offerings Tribeza.

“I watched Tribeza since its inception in the early 2000’s and has always admired its beautiful coverage of Austin’s interior design, architecture, dining and cultural scene,” said Jim Kastleman, chairman of Urban Publishers, Round Top Publishers and now Tribeza Media. “Over the years I became friends with George Elliman, the majority owner and publisher of the past decade. George passed the torch on to some existing partners about a year ago.

“He called a few months ago and said it was time to pass the torch again, this time to us, so we can transform Tribeza the way we’ve done it paper town.”

Chad Miller, a 13-year veteran of Urban Publishers, will serve as president of the new company. Miller spent several years building the digital magazine’s revenue platforms CultureCard. In 2016 he returned to Urban Publishers to help with the transformation PaperCity’s digital efforts. After building a full-time team of digital journalists, advertising executives, and social media experts, he turned PaperCity’s already strong print product to a strong, digitally relevant media power. So he did too RoundTop.com.

In addition to numerous new digital offers Tribeza Partners can now access a media network covering Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Round Top. While the vital and ever-growing Austin Market now becomes part of the Urban Publishers Inc. world.

Austin is one of the most dynamic cities in America and few cover it like Tribeza.  (Photo by Holly Cowart)
Austin is one of the most dynamic cities in the world and few cover it like Tribeza. (Photo by Holly Cowart)

The new owners are committed to restarting philanthropic initiatives that have been shelved during the pandemic years. In addition, they will increasingly focus on print sales Tribeza Magazine availability by adding pickup locations, particularly in the new stores, restaurants and high-rise buildings that have become a vital part of the Austin scene.

“It’s always been our advantage to go deep and make sure the magazine is readily available to our audiences,” says Kastleman.

Holly Moore, the company’s third partner and Editor-in-Chief of paper town Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth will bring her extensive background in journalism and interior design expertise. Moore is already considering ways to bring Austin to the established and respected Texas Design Week and Design Awards. Tribeza has a deep foundation in architecture and interior design and hosts an annual interior design tour that creates a unique and popular living experience in the state capital.

This is a forward-thinking partnership set for growth Tribeza and only to enhance its standing as a vibrant, vital resource for the Austin community.

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