UFC Paris: Gane vs Tuivasa – Winners and Losers

If the UFC wants to know if the top fighters in the UFC’s official rankings at middleweight and middleweight are worthy of their place, UFC Paris should clear any lingering doubts.

In the heavyweight main event, No. 1 Ciryl Gane defeated No. 3 Tai Tuivasa in a third-round knockout. The fight earned the oft-criticized Gane (“he’s too safe”) his first “night fight” bonus and clearly locked the former interim UFC champion as Francis Ngannou’s top UFC heavyweight title challenger.

In the co-main event, No. 1 middleweight Robert Whittaker said everyone is concerned that he is still the best UFC at 185 pounds outside of current champion Israel Adesanya boxer. The former champion defeated second-placed Marvin Vittori by unanimous decision. A judge gave Vitori a round, and beyond that, Whitaker had the scorecard.

The event also left several names for UFC fans to add to their “must-see” fighter lists.

Read on for the winners and losers of UFC Paris, which takes place at the Accor Arena in Paris, France, and is live on ESPN+.


Cyril Gunn: In a post-fight interview with ESPN, a dazed Ciryl Gane said of his UFC Paris rival Tai Tuivasa: “For the first time, a guy touches me and I get mad. It’s crazy.” But, Talking to UFC commentator Michael Bisping, Gane said it was more of a knockout than a knockout, and it might be what Gane needs to take the next step in his MMA career. I know it wasn’t what he wanted, but hey, he recovered and finished Tuivasa in the third round.

Gane has acquired a reputation as a safe, and perhaps boring, fighter. When he steps into the octagon, his goal is to hit, not get hit. Well, Tuivasa hit him – hard – and while it annoyed him, it didn’t stop him. Gane recovered and then took control of the fight, hurting and weakening Tuivasa with body kicks – he took a total of 30 hits to Tuivasa’s body in the second and third rounds before closing the game with a head strike.

Gane finds he can survive adversity in this game. I don’t know if this knowledge will make him more aggressive – I doubt it will – but he and his team now know he can get away with a slugger who is a top player required. Heavyweight division.

Tetoissa: Tai Tuivasa lost to Ciryl Gane because he could drop two places in the official UFC heavyweight rankings, but it’s hard to imagine any fan or UFC decision maker in the right mind leaving UFC Paris and thinking, “Well, this is An end to Tai Tuivasa’s UFC career.”

Tuivasa may never win a UFC title, but at 29, he’s young and violent enough that he could very well be a champion in the future. Even if not, Tuivasa is some sort of heavyweight that the UFC needs, and in Tuivasa’s own words, he’s “for down.”

The knockout against Gane ended Tuivasa’s five consecutive knockout wins, but the run of the fight night bonus he won was intact. He and Gane won “Fight of the Night” in Paris, giving Tuivasa four consecutive bonuses.

Robert Whitaker: Robert Whittaker’s victory over Marvin Vettori in the UFC Paris co-main event cemented his status as the UFC’s best non-champion middleweight.

Whittaker’s header played a major role in the game. Those kicks rocked Vitori more than once and showed that the former champion was the better, more well-rounded fighter. Whitaker also showed his ingenuity, scoring late in the game and scoring a ground strike in the final minute of the game.

I don’t know what this win brought Whitaker, as he was already the No. 1 contender in the UFC’s official middleweight ranking, but his performance against Vitori didn’t hurt him. This may be the best Whitaker, who has twice lost to current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, could ask.

Roman Kopilov: Roman Kopylov may have saved his UFC career on Saturday, and he did it with style, power and precision.

Kopilov went 0-2 at UFC Paris against Alessio Di Chirico. Kopilov played once in 2019 and 2021 before playing Saturday.

The 31-year-old put on strong kicks throughout the match that likely helped him finish the game with his fists. It was an excellent performance for Kopilov and should give him motivation as long as he stays active.

charles jordan Compared Nathaniel Wood: It’s an interesting fight between Charles Jourdan and Nathaniel Wood, with Wood getting the nod thanks to his stronger strikes and his ‘cheeky’ travels to bring the fight to the ground ability.

Wood, 29, is out with injury from October 2020 to July 2022. When he returned to the ring as a lightweight, he beat Charles Rosa. His victory over Jourdain at UFC Paris should make him feel more comfortable as a 145-pound fighter.

Keep an eye on Wood, the British fighter, as he looks like he’s found his comfort zone within the Octagon.

Abs Magomedov: For fans looking to take a break between the heats and the main card, Abs Magomedov deserves your thanks.

Magomedov, who has not played against KSW since December 2020, kicked a nasty ball up front before swarming to beat Dustin Stoltzforth in 19 seconds. Stoltzfus).

Expect the 32-year-old to look for missed time in this win.

nasrat hakpalast: Nasrat Haqparast had a great performance against John Makdessi in UFC Paris, ending a two-match loss. Haqparast’s speed played a big role in this fight. His agility allowed him to strike inside and then retreat before Mark Desi returned.

Fare Ziam: Fares Ziam noticed early on when Michel Figlak pressed forward. This allows him to dodge the attack and return a powerful and accurate counterattack.

Ziam’s wrestling skills also showed some good balance and progress in this match.

It was a good rebound from Ziam, who lost to Terrance McKinney in February.

Benoit Saint Denis: Benoit Saint-Denis celebrated his wedding last week. This week, he won his second UFC suspension and his first by knockout.

The 26-year-old Saint-Denis used his powerful and aggressive attack to battle debutant Gabriel Miranda.

Saint Denis is tough, tenacious, skilled and powerful. He’s still young in his MMA career — he turned pro in 2019 — but he’s 100 percent lightweight.

Christian Quinones: Cristian Quinonez did an excellent job using his length and jab to negate the power of the shorter Taha early in the fight. This style and his height advantage allow Quinonez to set the killing blow, grab Taha with some strength of his own, land a huge right when Taha sticks his head out of his feet and opens himself up as a juicy target. If Quinones wanted to make a statement in his UFC debut, he succeeded.

Stephanie Egger: I love when fighters look like they’re right back on the horse. That’s what Stephanie Egger did.

Mayra Bueno Silva surrendered Egger in the first round meeting on August 6th. She had a chance to wipe that loss from her mind on Saturday when she accepted a short notice bout for the UFC Paris card. Egger put the submission frustration behind her when she defeated Ailin Perez in the night’s opener.

Of course, the above approach can backfire and quickly put competitors in a lose-lose situation, but that didn’t happen in this case, did it?

French mixed martial arts fans: Fans showed up early in the fight, and the UFC commentary team noticed more than once the enthusiasm they showed in the Octagon. With French fighters on display at UFC Paris, it’s hard to imagine the UFC not returning to France sometime in the near future.


Marvin Vittori: Marvin Vettori once again showed that he can shoot. However, at some point in most combat sports careers, this ability fails. Besides, being clear-headed is not something to rely on for a long and fruitful career.

Joaquin Buckley: Joaquin Buckley is a game fighter, but his size difference against the taller Nassourdine Imavov really hurts him. His only recourse is to charge and unleash a barrage of strikes, which leaves him open to counterattacks and puts him at risk of being knocked down.

Barkley deserves credit for his aggression and effort, but his inability to get closer is the big story for him in this game.

Michal Figerak: Former Cage Warriors fighter Michal Figlak makes his UFC debut in Paris. The 26-year-old was aggressive in the opening moments of the game, but his opponent Fares Ziam didn’t take much time to figure out his timing and movement.

I would have liked to see Figlak and his team adjust his offense after the first round, but that didn’t happen. Figlak and his team should scrutinize footage of the fight to see where they could make changes in action.

The positive for Figlak is that he never gives up or gives up. While the fight looks set to be played by Ziam in the late stages of the third round, Figlak has struggled to find a way to win at least this round.It wasn’t a bad UFC fight for a young lightweight

Gabriel Miranda: Gabriel Miranda’s knockdowns and the setup of those knockdowns are noteworthy. He hit a 3-pointer in the division opposite Benoit Saint-Denis, but he didn’t seem excited when he was hit, and he was a little uncomfortable with his strike.

If anything, the fight was a good test and an excellent learning experience for Miranda.

Khalid Taha: Khalid Taha returned from the Octagon for over a year only to be eliminated in the first round by substitute rival Cristian Quinonez. The loss dropped Taha’s record to 0-3-0-1 since the end of 2019.

Erin Perez: Ailin Perez sees a big improvement from the local scene to the big show. She also hopes to discover that combat IQ is an important development.

Perez had some success in the first round when she had some big hits, but then opted to tangle with Egger in the cage, with Egger taking the lead.


Nasuldine Imavov: Nassourdine Imavov has done a great job of using his size to hit long-range, but I was more impressed with his ground action in his second-round middleweight bout with Joaquin Barkley. He does a great job of tying up opponents’ hands and using body locks to force Barkley to defend strikes and chokes on the mat.

If the battle is two rounds, Imavov is the clear winner. However, he disappeared in the third quarter and spent a fair amount of time backing up.

Imavov entered the fight as the 12th-ranked fighter in the division. His fuel tank could be what future enemies hope to exploit, as well as his willingness to engage emotionally in combat. There are places where he appears to have let his distaste for Barkley prevail.

William Gomis: William Gomis came into UFC Paris with a fair amount of hype, but after his first fight with the UFC, I’d say the jury needs to keep the edge on Gomis, deciding to defeat the same Jarno Ellens in his UFC debut.

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