Washington Commanders QB Carson Wentz sees errors of his ways

Recalling Wentz, here he is.

Recalling Wentz, here he is.
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Sometimes it’s funny how people don’t realize their mistakes until it’s too late. Washington Commanding quarterback Carson Wentz finally admitted that he could have done better during his time in Philadelphia. It’s not just about what he does on the court, it’s more about him as a teammate and as a person in the locker room.

“There are always things that make me look back and [think], man, I could have done better here. As a person, as a teammate, I could have done better. [There are] A lot of things you take for granted,” he said. “So I think I’m absolutely grateful to God for the experiences that I have, even if sometimes they’re dark and sometimes they’re not what I imagined. But I think it made me grow as a person, and I’m grateful for that. “

Wentz joined his third team in three years in the offseason when he was traded from Indianapolis to Washington for multiple draft picks. The 29-year-old QB lost his first two NFL games for much of the same reason.Let’s not forget Wentz was a part of the Eagles who won their first Super Bowl in 2017 — despite being injured and not making the playoffs — so here’s him against the Eagles this Sunday team’s first game get emotional.

But Wentz’s shortcomings outweigh any successes he has had. A lack of leadership and what has been described as a gruff personality are the main reasons Wentz has been on the trade block in consecutive offseasons. With the Hawks, it’s been a long time since he was finally traded after the 2020 campaign. Some of the same issues resurfaced during his time with the Colts.

Colts owner Jim Ilsay enough After a season, can’t wait to get Wentz away. For many, Carson is the last chance to prove he can lead the team in Washington. It sounds like he’s finally ready to admit what he’s done wrong in the past and admit it.

Wentz wasn’t a bad player in Philadelphia and Indy. Wentz is fine, he looks great at times. But he wasn’t good enough, and his team wasn’t so successful that his lame attitude would go unnoticed. If you’re going to be a jerk, you have to win. I’m not defending this behavior, but we know how professional sports work. Wentz had never been better, and his behavior annoyed too many people.

The Commanders are 1-1 with Wentz so far and are averaging 27.5 points per game. Through two games, Wentz ranks second in the league in passing yards and yards per game. As commander, he will give his former team Philadelphia his biggest test yet in Week 3. So any cracks in Wentz’s armor could start to show up (again) for the teams that drafted him in 2016.

Hopefully Wentz is sincere about the growth he has experienced over the past few years.this is likely to be last stop Wentz as a starter if unsuccessful in the capital. He’ll have a spot in the league, but if he loses contact with the commander, he could be a backup.


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