‘We still have to learn how to win’ – North Forrest falls to Resurrection 31-6

The win still hints at North Forrest’s football program.

The drought is now 1,064 days since the Eagles won. Despite losing 31-6 to Resurrection on Friday night, North Forrest manager Todd Lowery is confident the winning streak will end this season.

“There is a learning curve,” Lowery said. “(A win will happen every week. It could be next week or it could be three weeks.

“We kept playing. We kept doing our job. We didn’t unravel. They weren’t arguing with each other. There were no riots or conflicts. They just kept doing their job and kept working on what they had to do. to do. This is something I’m very proud of. ”

Although the scoreboard may not have shown this, being a team with no senior, North Forrest (0-2) showed several signs of potential. Resurrection was mainly based on heavy games and took advantage of North Forrest’s mistakes to get the win.

The North Forrest Eagles got off to a slow start after losing three and on the first drive. Resurrection’s Daniel Pickens scored on a 46-yard touchdown to go up 7-0.

“The big shows hurt us tonight,” Lowery said. “(Resurrection) didn’t march down the pitch and didn’t lead us. They got us into some great plays. With a young team like this, we need to learn to have good eye discipline and read their keys. When that didn’t happen. It doesn’t happen, sometimes they made us pay for it. ”

Then, at the next kickoff, North Forrest fumbled but forced a turnover to end the Resurrection threat. However, in the next play, the North Forrest quarterback threw a pick-6, bringing the deficit to 14-0.

After the interception, North Forrest brought the ball to Resurrection’s 5-yard line, but failed to punch a touchdown.

“Offensively, we just need to improve,” Lowery said. “We need to get better at being more explosive and with our blocks. Our running backs are starting to see and understand the attack. We see growth, but we just have to pull it all together.”

Two possessions later, midway through the second quarter, Resurrection (2-0) took the lead to 21-0 after quarterback Max Askew threw a 29-yard touchdown pass outside.

However, just before half-time North Forrest hit the scoreboard after running back Cephus Pruitt exploded a 33-yard touchdown. A blocked PAT kept the game at half-way 21-6.

At the start of the third quarter, the Resurrection Eagles put together their longest drive of the night in terms of plays. Resurrection had 10 plays for 51 yards, which resulted in a 34-yard field goal. The North Forrest defense held Resurrection a 127-yard attack in the second half, as well as forcing a drive to end with a missed field goal. Resurrection’s only touchdown in the second half came on a punt stuck inside North Forrest’s 10-yard line.

“We’re not there yet,” Lowery said. “We still have a lot to learn. I’m really proud of the fight they showed when they went down 14-0. They settled down and started playing as we taught them.”

In total, the North Forrest defense held Resurrection at 292 yards of attack, but his own attack only picked up 133 yards as Pruitt led the team with 58 yards on the run.

“They’re mistakes,” Lowery said. “We weren’t blocking who we had to, and it’s against a well-trained team. I don’t want to take anything away from Resurrection. They are a well-trained team and they have good ball players. We have to learn how to win.”

North Forrest will set off to face East Marion next week.

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