What are crypto-friendly banks, what services do they offer and some examples?

The fiat financial system is renowned for its ability to change with the times, albeit slowly. This was evident when credit cards came on the scene and proved to be their main source of income. Net banking was the next step in using the internet, followed by full banking portals and mobile applications.

What are cryptocurrency-friendly banks doing?

And it appears that the incorporation of cryptocurrencies is the next stage in their development. The term “crypto-friendly banks”, their services and even some well-known examples are all explained in this article.

The traditional banks that have started providing some cryptocurrency-related services are the so-called “crypto-friendly banks”. In most situations, conventional banks enter the digital asset industry due to growing customer demand for crypto services. One of the largest banks in the United States, JPMorgan Chase, can be used as an example to illustrate this. In response to customer demand, the bank has started offering services such as cryptographic security deposits and more.

Banking institutions that accept cryptocurrencies versus those that don’t

Banks’ inclusion of crypto services is a welcome development. As these services will be made available to users on the same intuitive dashboards they use for banking, trading, holding and investing in cryptocurrencies they would be a breeze. More people would use cryptocurrencies due to the drastically reduced learning curve. Banks supporting cryptocurrencies are another sign that major organizations are realizing they will play a significant role in humanity’s future.

It is quite easy for anyone to confuse cryptocurrency banks with crypto banks. However, they are two very different entities. Cryptocurrency banks are traditional banks that have expanded their scope to include certain crypto services. Conversely, crypto banks are created entirely for crypto users and offer various crypto services. Also Read: Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Increases 9 Percent, Experts Say It’s A Good Sign Despite Trouble For Miners A common example of a crypto-friendly bank is Morgan Stanley. The investment banking giant has opened crypto services to clients worth over $ 2 million. These elite clients can now buy, store and even earn interest or invest in cryptocurrency funds with Morgan Stanley. Other cryptocurrency banks include Goldman Sachs, Bank of New York Mellon, Vast Bank, BankProv, USAA, etc. On the other hand, a famous example of a crypto bank could be Juno. It is a digital bank that prides itself on being the gateway to the Web3 and the world of cryptocurrencies. It is known around the world for its low transaction fees and high returns, with rates going up to 6% on Ethereum and Bitcoin. Other crypto banks include Ally Bank, Nuri, Revolut, etc. Services offered by cryptocurrency banks: Custody services – refers to the storage of tokens and other digital assets. Instead of maintaining a hardware wallet, you can rely on your bank to keep your digital assets as safe as you do with your fiat currency. Payment Processing – We already work as a global village where payments across countries sometimes take place via crypto to reduce hassle and increase speed. With your traditional bank offering crypto payment processing, you would have a lot more time to deliver work and get paid. This is also useful for businesses that want to accept crypto payments on their website or mobile application. Loan and Loan: These are the simplest banking services but in terms of cryptography. The tokens you hold can be loaned to others at an interest rate through your bank, and you can also use your tokens as collateral to borrow a loan. Some banks will also offer cryptographic debit and credit cards along with a checking account for digital assets. Conclusion Just a few years ago, the idea of ​​traditional banks offering crypto services was unknown. Therefore, with so many of the biggest names in the financial industry rushing to join the digital asset bandwagon, the future of the cryptocurrency industry looks promising.

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