What are the Big Eyes Team up to? A September Bonus and Competition!

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A shout out to all the cool blockchain cats, there’s some cool news on the Big Eyes (BIG) Twitter page! Let’s take a look at their recent community activity.

A limited time bonus for Big Eyes (BIG) owners.

So the first big news is that the Big Eyes (BIG) team is super excited to announce a limited-time September bonus on Twitter!

This is how the bonus works. Simply add this promo code BIGSEPT22 for an extra 5% extra!

It’s obvious that the Big Eyes (BIG) team wants to make everyone a King, Queen, or Mage meme coin. It seems like sharing wealth, sushi, and community support are what they do best.

Sharing is the cure!

It’s a proven recipe for success; Bonuses and giveaways are the same techniques used by influencers and entrepreneurs to bring communities together and make their names known.

Unsurprisingly, the Big Eyes Twitter team has announced another competition!

A chance to win 1BNB with the lyrics of your favorite songs!

Yesterday a new competition was announced on the Big Eyes (BIG) Twitter page.

This exciting and whimsical competition targets music lovers in the community and asks them to reply to the tweet with the lyrics of their favorite song featuring Big Eyes.

To enter this competition, the Big Eyes team asks you to already have $ 50 worth of BIG.

This competition will undoubtedly foster a sense of community among their cat-loving coin holders, who wish to celebrate on their behalf.

The owners are already involved; The Big Eyes (BIG) Twitter thread is filled with lyrics from Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift, a cacophony of cats eager to get their paws on some tasty Big Eyes (BIG) coins.

Here is a text or two to make you want to participate in the Big Eyes (BIG) competition.

Now, I’ve got you in my sights

With those big eyes

One look at you, and I can’t disguise myself

I have big eyes

I feel the magic between you and me

Hungry Eyes – Eric Carmen

What else is the Big Eyes meme coin team doing right now?

The Big Eyes community has a taste for music and sushi, a fantastic pairing! They also love a good laugh.

At the moment, their memes are working to create a unique community spirit and connections with other meme coin communities such as Dogecoin (DOGE).

The Big Eyes team knows what laughter and shared culture can create: a sense of belonging and trust.

What is the real power behind a well-crafted meme?

The Big Eyes Crypto Cathouse meme business; Taking command of meme coin legends like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shibu Inu (SHIB), the team has its big eyes to be in the top ten NFTs.

Their strategy is one of the oldest and most shared laughs.

Laughter is a very powerful technique for bringing people together and memes, in particular, have global appeal right now and have been done since ancient times. Even the ancient Greeks loved the habits of adjacent memes, well, maybe not the ones you find on Reddit. But they used cultural stories and stereotypes to comment on each other’s pitfalls.

In 1976 Richard Dawkins coined the term ‘meme’ “to describe gene-like infectious culture units that spread from person to person.” It is this very contagious quality that Big Eyes is skillfully applying to the propagation of wealth. It’s actually really clever how funny jokes and memes spread and multiply on their own.

The true power of a well-placed meme in the cryptocurrency community is exponential! It’s like introducing a new gene into the laughter pool that creates wealth as it propagates.

Meme Business Big Eyes!

All in all, the Big Eyes team has gone to great lengths to engage with the community on their social networks.

Especially in terms of giveaways and contests, which are really driving engagement. It is a beauty to see the owners enjoying such a vibrant and active community.

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