What Nick Saban said after Alabama’s 55-0 win over Utah State

Alabama won its 21st straight opener Saturday night with a 55-0 win over Utah at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Here are the highlights from Nick Saban’s postgame press conference:

– Saban: “I’m very happy with the way the players have approached the game. I think we were full of energy, intensity and preparation throughout the week.” Saban said the first group did a really good job, noting them There was a penalty but something needed to be cleaned up.

– Saban said the special team was solid outside the blocked punt late in the game.

— Saban: “Players need to understand the importance of maintaining that intensity…so we can build and improve as a team.” Saban says “no disrespect to Utah,” but Alabama will Dealing with more physical, aggressive and talented teams, Alabama players need to understand that.

– Saban asked the young players if they were ready to take advantage of their playing opportunities. It was a good experience for those players, but they learned the lesson of having to prepare for the game. “I wish we could play more,” Saban said.

– Asked about the running game, Saban noticed the explosive runs of Jameer Gibbs and Bryce Young, but the “in and out consistency” when getting enough yards “isn’t it required”.

– When asked about the starting cornerback rotation, Saban reiterated that there is competition at cornerbacks and rhetorically: “What did I say that would convince you they’re not going to play?” He asked why anyone would be surprised by that. “I don’t know who our best corners are,” he said. “So we played them all in the game.”

– Asked about Emil Ekiyor not starting at guard, Saban said, “You guys need to get off the depth chart a little bit.” Saban said Ekiyor missed five days of practice, but only practiced twice before the game. “Emil is still the starting right-back,” Saban said. If Ekiyor is ready to start at right-back, he’s not sure who will start at left-back.

– Saban was annoyed at the topic of depth charts, saying it might be his last year to give one. “I know you guys think I’m crazy, and I don’t mind at all,” he said.

– Saban said Kobe Prentice did a “great job” in the game and trained very well. “He’s exactly the guy we want to play in this position,” Saban said. He pointed out that the other freshman catchers have to play, all of whom “can develop into people who can help us this year,” he continued.

— When asked about the distribution of goals, Saban said there are no plans to pass the ball to a certain player, but the quarterback reads the defense and calculates it based on the game. “We want everyone to be productive, and I think that’s a good thing,” he said.

— When asked about Bryce Young’s first game, Saban said he “did a good job in the game” but also “missed a few things.”

– Saban thinks Jess McClellan did some “very good things” during the game.

– Saban walked away and said, “I’ll smile as I always do and say thank you.”

Mike Rodak is an Alabama beat reporter for Alabama Media Group.follow him on twitter @mikerodak.

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