What Oregon’s Bo Nix, Alex Forsyth, Bennett Williams said after Ducks loss to Georgia

No. 11 Oregon lost 49-3 to No. 3 Georgia on Saturday in the Chick-fil-A kickoff game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Ducks quarterback Bonnicks, center Alex Forsyth and safety Bennett Williams recapped the Ducks’ loss.

Below is a transcript of the Oregon State postgame press conference.

ask. Bo, take us through the second interception? what did you see? What are you thinking? Why throw it in that area?

BO NIX: We had a good play and they were directly involved and made bad decisions.

ask. Beau, obviously this is the Georgia show you’ve seen a few times. Or old Georgia, or did you see something different from Kirby’s defense?

BO NIX: That’s the same Georgia. I’ve seen many like this. They are really good. Really good at the point of attack. Playing ball is really good. Really good at dealing with it. It’s hard to transfer the ball to these guys.

ask. Bo, the offensive breakthrough made two mistakes. You are moving the ball. You’re getting closer and closer to scoring. Can you tell us what you think after these two missteps? Do you feel defeated? What was the conversation with Dan like?

BO NIX: Well, the first one I thought the guy played really well. The second, obviously the wrong decision. Something like this will happen. Unfortunately, it’s on back-to-back drives, which can’t happen on the first down.

But my coaches are very inspiring. They put me in the race. In this case, you can’t be beat by it. You have to go to the next game and do better.

ask. Two part question: first, about this fall camp and competing and winning jobs, then second question is just a self-assessment of how you think you are doing today overall?

BO NIX: Well, first of all, I want to thank Ty. He did a great job. Both are very good games.

What is the other part of your question?

ask. Just your self-assessment.

BO NIX: I think your offense is more stable after the spring and summer. In a new system you get more.

And then through fall training camp, the relationship with the catchers and tight end was clearly very good. Then there’s the game, enjoying the game time, making the right decisions and moving the ball.

ask. Bo, so much attention has been paid to this game for months, months. Is there an element of relaxation to be on the other side of it and be able to get back to work? What’s number one on your to-do list when you get back to Eugene?

BO NIX: Unfortunately, the opportunity was missed and the result was no different. Obviously, you hate failure, but you have to get over it.

We still have a long season. There’s still a lot of football to play, so we’ll look forward to it and get better. Go back to work tomorrow and see what happens.

ask. You mentioned earlier that the coach kept you in the game. You don’t usually see a quarterback stay in such an uneven game. What does it mean to stay and what do you think was the last drive?

BO NIX: Of course. I think that’s obviously their decision. We just want to see how we compete and how we respond to this adversity. It showcases a lot of our team. We keep fighting.

I mean, that game was tough. I won’t lie to you, it’s not pretty. I can’t sit here and say it is. Can’t really say much. I mean, obviously, it’s just that. They beat us badly.

ask. When adversity hits you, Bo, Dan talks a lot about “so what, what now”. How important is this message now, and how important is the message in the next few weeks to what this team is trying to accomplish?

BO NIX: Yes, that information is now. That’s why he said that. Just for this opportunity. We have to come back next week, face the next opponent and continue our season.

ask. Bo, you transitioned really well on the third drop and had your moment in the game. What do you think of Kennedy Lingham’s offense in your offensive tempo?

BO NIX: When you watch the game, we moved the ball very early. Obviously, mistakes got us. It’s just some key 3-pointers that we didn’t make to keep moving the ball, but I think our 3-point plan is important to us. We’ve highlighted a lot, and this is one area we’ve done well.

ask. Bennett when you look specifically at the box scoring but even just looking at the game itself what are you thinking when it goes 9 for 10 in the third down because the numbers keep moving away from you guys they keep converting Get the third down every time?

Bennett Williams: The next game. There are a lot of things that keep repeating today. They obviously have a game plan to attack the perimeter, and we just haven’t done it well enough.

They started to know what to expect, they executed and we didn’t, bottom line.

ask. For Alex, Georgia’s defense clearly has a lot of key personnel. Can you give us an insight into what they’re doing to be more efficient?

ALEX FORSYTH: Yeah, they’re trying to mix up the front and give us some exotic looks. Coach Clem has been gearing up all week for pretty much everything we’re going to see.

Just trust our rules, but at the end of the day, it’s far from good enough.

ask. Alex, you said during this year’s media day that you’ve been thinking about the last two games of last season and how much memory they left in your brain. How does it feel now in the context of this game, and with a similar outcome to both games?

ALEX FORSYTH: I hate failure. There is no moral victory in defeat. There are no small victories. We have to go back to work. You must be an adult man. You have to take medicine.

When you watch this movie, hey, I need to be better, we all need to be better, we have to find that. Don’t shy away from it. Don’t pretend it doesn’t exist. You have to attack it head on, that’s the only way we’re going to improve.

We have to really take control of this team and make sure everyone understands that 100%. Once we landed in Eugene, it was a short memory. “So what, now.”

ask. Alex, no touchdowns today. We can dig into the score and come up with whatever we want, but for offensive linemen, what’s the biggest thing you guys have to improve as a whole from Week 1 to Week 2?

ALEX FORSYTH: Build a running game. I think, being able to do that early on, convince them that we’re going to put the game on our backs in a way. We are a bunch of veterinarians.

We just didn’t do well enough today. Obviously, the scores speak for themselves as well. We just have to get better and be able to pretty much take over the game, be able to run the ball and execute the game. That’s it.

ask. Simple one, Alex. Is that the best team you’ve ever played against? What was it like to actually play in that game after people were talking about it for months before actually seeing this physical condition?

ALEX FORSYTH: I think you’ve had this game on your calendar since late last year. I know I have. I want to peek at the movies throughout the fall camp to see what we’re going to be up against.

Obviously, they are a very, very good team. Really talented; play hard; play smart. I don’t know what their penalties are, but I don’t think they have many.

Yes, they’re a very good team and they’re very, very talented up front.

ask. Bennett, does a loss like this cast doubt on this team and direction or anything like that?

BENNETT WILLIAMS: No. No, I’m sure some people on the team, yes, are starting to wonder, but it’s our job as leaders to help them understand that we’re a really good team. We didn’t show it today, yes Georgia is obviously very good, right? We didn’t play like we should, and it got out of hand. The score shows that, but we just have to play the next game.

That’s a loss, right? I know it’s 49-3, but it’s a loss whether we lose by a point or by that much. Now we go into the next game and our job as leaders and all of us is to make sure we go into the next game, like he said before.

ask. For the two of you, you are two old players. You are the two leaders of this team. You talk about being a player-led team. No matter how much you don’t like it, I probably don’t like it, we live in a world of college football and in the next 72 hours what you’re going to say is you’re out of the playoffs, there’s no way you can do it The best thing to do is win the league, maybe the Rose Bowl, that’s it. As an older person who has been through it and seen it, how do you prevent the message that will be conveyed throughout the national conversation throughout the week from seeping through and becoming, well, what are we playing the entire season for the next three months?

ALEX FORSYTH: Yeah, I think we just need to reiterate to the players that no one’s going to be in the college football playoffs — no one’s going to rank these teams, they’re going to be eliminated in Oregon football. The only person I care about is behind that door, and that’s the only person who will really make a difference this season.

Just keep blocking outside noise. When you’re doing well, they’ll try to tear you apart, backstab you, smile at you, etc., but just move on to the next game, the next game. Just don’t worry.

ask. Bennett, a lot of missed tackles today. Say something on the sidelines trying to clean it up?

BENNETT WILLIAMS: That was one of our main goals coming into the game, we had to be good tacklers, and we certainly didn’t do that today.

I know this is the first game. We show the stats that Week 1 has the most missed tackles of any college football game. We didn’t do well enough today.

They brought the flesh. I think sometimes we don’t want to say avoid it, but in many cases we need to be done. Two more steps, whether we’re going to get off our feet or dive, etc. So that’s an improvement we have to make next week.

ask. Bennett followed up, and from a program standpoint, Georgia clearly has some unique talent at tight end and running back. When you guys were trying to match them, what did they do that presented such a challenge from a program perspective?

BENNETT WILLIAMS: Honestly, today they ran, I mean, you guys saw it, just a lot of stuff on the outside. This is the full quick screen. I think they had a deep ball over our heads and they didn’t dribble it down our throats like crazy. All are peripheral screens.

We plan a lot of different things. At the end of the day, we weren’t good enough at perimeter screens, and they knew that, so they kept trying. So we really just have to watch a movie, take our meds, like he said, and then adjust next week.

ask. Bennett, Alex brings up the “so what, what now” mentality that Dan is trying to instill in you. How important is it for the next five or six days before Week 2, do you feel like the team is embracing that mentality or does it need some guidance from you leaders to get the team into that mentality?

BENNETT WILLIAMS: I’m sure there will be some encouragement from the leaders, yes, but overall, I’m honestly really proud of this team because we’ve been resilient. I think this is another opportunity.

It looks really bad. It looks horrible. No one will deny this, but what can we do now? How can we bounce back? I really believe in this team, I believe in our talent, I know we have talent. It just needs to execute, go back to the drawing board, and understand what we have to do.

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