What The Hell Was That: Penn State 35, Purdue 31

This is a recap of one of those games that could be 1,000 words or 100 words, and the result is the same: Penn State survived. No matter how ugly, no matter the concerns moving forward, the big part is that the Nittany Lions are 1-0 away from Purdue.

Penn State’s offense got off to a slow start, making just three-pointers on the first drive and kicking the ball away again on the second. Meanwhile, the Nittany Lions’ defense was mixed, forcing the Boilermakers to play on their first drive but surrendering a field goal in the second at the end of the first.

However, the Nittany Lions outscored the Boilermakers 21-7 in the second quarter. The biggest swing came late in the second quarter when Zakee Wheatley forced a turnover and Brenton Strange went for 67 yards with two seconds left in the half Score, Penn State led 21-10 into the second quarter. half.

Second half – not so good! Purdue scored quickly on their opening game, dispelling any doubts it would be an easy win for Penn State. To make matters worse, the Nittany Lions started the second half without Sean Clifford. Instead, real freshman Drew Allar played. While Penn State’s offense has struggled on offense, Aral looks comfortable and is Tyler Warren’s decline from potentially leading the Nittany Lions to scoring offense.

The rest of the game was a back-and-forth, with Penn State and Purdue leading seven times throughout the game. Darkest hour? Penn State led 28-24 with 8:29 left and Clifford missed open Mitchell Tinsley and hit Purdue safety Chris Jefferson instead . Jefferson eventually brought the pass back for a touchdown — and vomited afterwards — to give the Boilermakers a 31-24 lead.

If you look at Penn State’s Twitter, all hope is lost. But Sean Clifford, guys, stepped up. With 2:22 left, the Nittany Lions got the ball back with some important defensive play and Clifford did what he had to do. He went 6-of-7 on the final hit and eventually found Keyvone Lee for a touchdown to give Penn State a 35-31 lead — a lead the defense won’t surrender. Last-ball sacks by Johnny Dixon and Joep Robinson ensured Penn State’s victory, giving the Nittany Lions a 1-0 lead.

As mentioned above, there’s still a lot to say about this game. The offense doesn’t look good. Defense doesn’t look great. Obviously, there’s a lot of work to do next month if Penn State wants to compete in the Big Ten. But just like last year, the Nittany Lions found a way to win in a tough Big Ten environment. During a long season — especially this weekend — Penn State fans enjoyed themselves.

1 and 0.

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