Where Is the Armie Hammer Docuseries Streaming?

From his start in Hollywood as the Winklevoss twins The social network to his groundbreaking performance in the Oscar nomination Call me by your name, Armie Martello he had established himself as one of the most promising names in cinema at the time. However, allegations related to cannibalism and abuse that escalated in early 2021 have caused the actor’s career to take a turn in the opposite direction. When screenshots of text messages sent by the actor to his victims began to spread online, Hammer had to abandon his roles in major movies and television shows (including the Call me by your name Continuation). Even though he denies making the claims, the controversies surrounding Hammer’s problematic habits continue to grow. The next docuseries House of the hammer He will discuss everything in more depth while also revealing his family’s dark hidden secrets, which date back to his grandfather, Armand Hammer. This detailed view of the controversial family empire will make sure to fill in the gaps on what caused their reputation to collapse.


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When and where can you stream House of Hammer?

The next series will arrive on Discovery + on September 3 and was co-produced with the help of Armie Hammer’s aunt, Casey Martello. He also wrote a memoir entitled, Surviving my birthright, detailing her experience as a victim of child sexual assault by her father. In the official trailer, the author says the following about his dysfunctional family:

“On the outside we were a perfect family. But let’s get bigger Succession a million times, and it was my family. If you think you’re making deals with the devil, the Hammers are the top of the totem pool. Every generation of my family has been involved in dark misdeeds, and things get worse and worse. I know my grandfather had a dark side, but I saw my father’s dark side firsthand, and I saw my brother’s dark side, and it was like a monster was unleashed. Now it’s Armie Hammer.

Watch the full trailer below to grasp the full extent of the revealing docuseries.

In addition to Casey Hammer’s tale of revealing the twisted secrets that persevered in his family’s men, viewers can also hear the truth behind the allegations against the actor. Both Courtney Vucekovic And Giulia MorrisonVictims who have come forward for their abusive relationships with Armie Hammer open up about receiving hostile text messages and audio clips, as well as being led to multiple traumatic encounters.

Do you need a subscription to watch House of Hammer?

If you can’t wait to watch House of the hammer, Discovery + subscription required. The platform has two different monthly plans, one includes advertising and the other is ad-free. The first plan is worth $ 4.99 per month, while the second plan is worth $ 6.99 per month. Both include a 7-day free trial prior to billing. Now, if you are already an Amazon Prime Video subscriber, you can easily subscribe to Discovery + through the channel on the Prime Video streaming platform. The costs would be the same, but you could only watch Discovery + through Prime Video and the account for this new subscription would be included in the regular Prime Video account.

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What will the docuseries reveal about Armie Hammer?

In January 2021, an anonymous Instagram identity began posting screenshots of the actor’s text messages and audio clips to women, which included cannibalism and blood-drinking fantasies. The disturbing revelations have led to more women coming forward about their experiences alongside Hammer. One of them, “Effie”, filed a complaint against the Call me by your name star for rape. Despite the evidence presented on social media and the allegations, Hammer continues to assert that all the relationships he has had with love interests were consensual.

The docuseries will uncover some of the controversies surrounding him, as well as connect the dots between his actions and those who preceded him. As Casey Hammer said in the trailer, the track record of his family’s men consists of abuse, fraud, political manipulation, and more. As viewers learn the story behind the Hammer family’s rise to power, they will also understand that the actor wasn’t the only one in his family tree to have a backlash. Through 3 episodes, the series presents the full extent of the fall of a successful patriarchy. Although their corruption and abuse had been ignored for years, it took the allegations against the youngest of the lineage to finally uncover the Hammer family’s web of secrets.

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