Why Bears GM Ryan Poles has been ‘blown away’ by Braxton Jones

When Ryan Poles drafted Braxton Jones in the fifth round of this year’s NFL draft, the idea was that one day he could compete for a starting tackle job. As it turns out, that day was halfway through the OTA when Jones lined up with the No. 1 left tackle. Jones has already secured the starting spot, surprising not only the Bears but Jones himself.

“I’m shocked by how fast he’s developing,” the Pole said. “Credits to our coaches and Chris Morgan, they did a fantastic job. He kept checking the boxes. You’re from OTA, “That guy looks good. “We have to go to training camp, we have to put on the pads. We put on the pads and it still works great. Let’s see when the lights come on, we go to preseason, will he do it? You do it The longer you see these spikes, and then he goes? He keeps climbing, getting better and better.”

Jones is far from done, but he has come a long way since early summer. Jones has cleaned up the pre-penalties that plagued him in the OTA. He gets less bullying in pass protection and even against Robert Quinn in practice. As Week 1 approaches, Jones is no longer surprised that he’s playing with the starters, but he still appreciates what’s in front of him.

“Get better every day, keep doing my job, and don’t let this opportunity go to waste,” Jones said. “I think that’s the most important thing. It’s a great opportunity to show what I can do. So I have to keep taking that opportunity and not really worry about being surprised.”

Jones has risen to the challenge so far with admirable performances, but his biggest test is yet to come.

“In Week 1, he’s going to see a big dog,” the Pole said, about the 49ers passing rusher Nick Bosa. “I also told him that there will be ups and downs and I think part of being a really good player is having a short memory. How can you get over those bad dramas? That’s going to be his next step, just seeing those in the league Top Charge, that’s no joke. A lot of people are fighting against them, but can you fight, can you fight, you have that short memory when things go bad, do you have the tenacity to keep going?

“I’m excited for him and for who he is now. He didn’t give up that position, he just kept fighting and fighting and fighting. I’m so proud of that kid.”

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