Why Genshin Impact’s Voice Actors Mispronounce Character Names

Zach Aguilar and Elliot Gindi, Aether and Tighnari of Genshin Impact, explain why they sometimes deliberately mispronounce characters’ names.

The voice actors of two of Genshin ImpactFan-favorite characters of ‘s explained why they often mispronounce game names for English audiences.

As reported by GameRant reported that Zach Aguilar and Elliot Gindi, the English voice actors of Aether and Tighnari respectively, did a live stream on September 2, 2022, in which they discussed the vocal direction for the characters in Genshin Impact. The impetus for streaming was the reaction of fans to Gindi’s pronunciation of her character’s name and how many people considered it incorrect. Tighnari is one of the newest playable characters in the game and appears to be inspired by Middle Eastern culture and aesthetics.

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Aguilar and Gindi revealed that the reason for the apparent spelling error was due to the vocal direction given by the developer. The United States and other English-speaking countries make up a huge percentage of Genshin Impactplayer base, so the decision was made to locate some elements of the dubbing, including pronunciation.

Aguilar and Gindi’s vocal directors decided that the Arabic pronunciation of Tighnari’s name was too complex for Western audiences to appreciate. Instead, they were asked to pronounce the name as a native English speaker would, causing confusion among some fans who interpreted this altered pronunciation as incorrect.

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Genshin Impact in action

The live stream featured playing Aguilar Genshin Impact while talking with Gindi. The goal of the stream, aside from clearing up the dubbing issue, was for Aguilar to successfully earn Tighnari in the game. The couple urged players to be understanding about the game’s vocal direction and to accept that they were not given the option of choosing the pronunciation of names. Between these discussions the topic of conversation varied wildly, from Mukbang to assisting Aguilar in solving some of the game’s new puzzles. By the end of the flow, both objectives had been achieved; not only was the question of voice direction answered, but Aguilar was able to show off Gindi’s new character.

Tighnari was added to Genshin Impact as part of version 3.0 of August 24, 2022, which saw the introduction of new weapons, characters, items, missions and a whole new region, Sumeru. The character is only available through Wishes, one of the game’s Gacha systems, which requires players to spend in-game or real currency to have a random chance to get characters and items.

Source: GameRant

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