Yankees continue slump in embarrassing 9-0 shutout loss to Rays

Sometimes the score just tells you all you need to know about the team’s current performance.The Yankees lost more frustrating close games in slips than blowouts, but they chose a bad time to have their ass kicked in a mess by this ball club in a month’s time , their lead in the AL East has shrunk by 10 games — one where the Yankees have been worst team in the United States. The Yankees lost 9-0 in a game that was technically close to seven points, but it wasn’t.

The usual suspects for this horrific slide are there. For the sixth time since early August, the Yankees’ lineup was shut out, stranded with runners and looking lifeless. The defense made some serious mistakes, with Josh Donaldson playing Public Enemy One this time, and two errors that led to the Rays’ first offense. The starting pitch was well done enough. The score was 3-0 at the start of the eighth inning before the gates opened. Combined, the 2022 Yankees fans are force-fed for nearly the entire second half, an all too familiar recipe for disaster.

I almost want to end the recap here, because scrutinizing this mess is like picking up a stone that just squashed a cockroach and inspecting the bottom. But I’ll do my best while keeping it relatively brief, because this Yankees game doesn’t feel like it deserves any fan’s headspace at all.

On the positive side, Domingo Germán just did his job again, as he did for most of August. In six innings, he controlled the Rays’ offense by allowing five hits, getting out of the woods a few times in the process. One run can’t really be blamed on him, as it was the result of a Donaldson miss in the fourth quarter, followed by a second (which came after Oswaldo Cabrera threw a run at home. before the wonderful relay thrown out by the player).

However, Cabrera’s heroics don’t quite hold zero. David Peralta singled to put Tampa on top. Since the Yankees offense is a joke right now, the Rays could have stopped there to win, but they didn’t. As the German did in Oakland last week, he returned to the mound with a low ball count, but after a walk to Isaac Paredes, Tampa’s double against Christian Besangut The home run was a heavy blow. Make the score 3-0.

The Yankees were hardly intimidated by a late 3-0 deficit in the first half, but those guys are history. The Yankees played in the second half like they never prayed to Rays starter Jeffrey Springs. Oh, they put a couple of guys on the bases, but they never scored; New York went 0-for-7 in scoring positions that only the most optimistic fans would have given the team’s recent performance hope. Check out these highlights:

  • A totally lost Donaldson calls for strike to end first time with two men
  • When Andrew Benintendi heard “Popular music“In his wrist, felt numb and had to leave halfway through the bat*; Cabrera was pinched and popped, while the downed Giancarlo Stanton struck out
  • Isiah Kiner-Falefa never makes the cut after leading fifth inning in rare double
  • IKF returned the stranded favor in sixth by outscoring first and second-place runners

* Benintendi’s X-rays are negative, but he will have an MRI tomorrow. While it shouldn’t be frustrating to potentially lose an outfielder who’s been league-average since joining Kansas City, it’s certainly a feeling for the 2022 Yankees.

After that, the Yankees never found another player in the scoring position. At the worst of all, the lineup is just a nightmare.

The Rays turned that into a laugh in the eighth inning when they beat Greg Weathert and Anthony Banda. Weissert allowed two normal hits and then placed a gift on the Yu Chang top hat behind the mound he threw away. Chang got an infield hit and Weissert was charged with the Yankees’ third turnover of the night to make it 5-0. That put Banda, the worst pitcher on the list, into a ridiculously bad game, with Banda walking three games — including two full-base pitchers — while giving up two singles and a batter.

When the dust settled, the score was 9-0, the Rays had cut the AL East lead to just five games, and head coach Aaron Boone was furious with his team’s postgame results.

Good words, but maybe the rookie top prospect who was called up yesterday should start instead of sitting on the bench until two outs in a blowout ninth! No, Oswald Peraza didn’t get a thrilling moment at all in his MLB debut as his strikeout ended the drama. poor guy.

The Yankees and Rays meet again tomorrow night at Tropp, with Clark Schmidt looking for redemption from last Sunday’s ugly return to the rotation in Oakland. He will face Corey Kluber on his first pitch with former teammates at 6:10 p.m. ET. Will Peraza really start this time? who knows! ! !

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