Yankees Place Andrew Benintendi On IL, Designate Anthony Banda

Yankees announce a series of roster changes today, outfielders Andrew Benintendi Head to the 10-day injured list for an inflamed right wrist.outfielder Esteban Florial was recalled in the corresponding move.In addition, right-handed Ryan Webb Selected to major league club, left-handed Anthony Banda Assign assignments.

Benin Tendi, 28, appeared to be out of the game last night after suffering a swing injury. Last night’s X-ray came back negative, but it seems ill enough for Yankees to let him rest for at least another ten days as they try to figure out what’s going on. “Just not sure, like we thought, it probably won’t hurt,” Boone said in a statement. video Shared by ESPN’s Marly Rivera. “So, they have to do more CT scans. I just got a little briefing, so I don’t really have anything to tell you other than he’s attending IL, but not sure what exactly.”

Given this uncertainty, it’s hard to know exactly how serious this will be for the Yankees. However, even a minimal absence can have an impact later in the season, with just over four weeks remaining on the regular-season schedule. Benin Tendi, acquired from the Royals just before the trade deadline, has had one of his best performances in years this season. His .302/.371/.397 is 21% above the league average this year, as evidenced by his 121 wRC+. This is just his career best in the department as he registered 123 wRC+ in 2018.

The Yankees will have to stop production for at least the next week and a half, and the results of continued testing will still determine the next steps.Until then, they’ll have to weather the storm with an outfield mix of: Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Osvaldo Cabrera, Marvin Gonzalez, Tim Lostro and floral. Giancarlo Stanton It could also theoretically be a factor, although he has been dedicated to the assigned batsman role since he returned from his IL job. Despite being out of touch with the AL East for most of the season, the club has been in decline recently, with their lead over the Rays slipping to just five games. They would have loved that someone in that group stepped up to make up for Benin Tendi’s absence to help them stay in the driver’s seat in the final moments.

Banda, 29, pitched for the Buccaneers and Blue Jays earlier this year, in addition to a brief stint in the Mariners’ minors. On Sunday, he signed with the Yankees and made two appearances in the pinstripes. The first game went well, with Banda heading into the club’s game against Auckland on Sunday, with no one out in the fifth. He gave up a walk sandwiched between two outs to complete an inning. His second appearance came last night and it didn’t go so well. As the Yankees trailed the Rays 5-0 in the eighth inning, Banda took the field with two men and faced six batters, three batters, one batter and gave up Two singles. That leaves a 40.50 ERA for two-thirds of the innings as the Yankees, despite a 6.75 ERA all season. Despite the unfortunate ERA, he did have a career-best 22.2 percent strikeout rate this year. The Yankees will give him an outright waiver or release waiver in the coming days, though Banda has the right to decline an outright assignment in favor of free agency, as he has been outright in his career before.

As for Webb, 32, he’s been on the roster in New York all year, doing well in short stints at major league clubs. He was first drafted in June, but assigned the next day. He cleared waivers, opted for free agency and re-signed a new minor league deal with the club. The same cycle happened twice, and today marks his fourth roster selection, never staying in a major for more than a week. In those sporadic games, he has a 1.17 ERA in 7 2/3 innings, in addition to a 3.86 ERA among 3.86 players this year. His control at both levels is excellent, as he walks 3.8 percent among the bigs and 3.0 percent among the minors, well below the 9.1 percent average for MLB bench players this year.

lindsay adler of track and field tweet Ahead of the official announcement of the relocation, Boone’s news about the IL placement in Benin Tendi. Brian Hooch of MLB.com relayed The previous Banda-Webb swap was officially announced.


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