January 29, 2023

The claim and insistence of the political elites that this perversion of self-government has eliminated public corruption along with cronyism and cronyism is ridiculously false and insults the collective intelligence of every resident of the county who observes this perversion of self-government introduced in 2012 or has experienced .

I am disappointed but not surprised that charter writer Rick Morelli insists that the perversion of Home Rule he helped create has resulted in chronic dysfunction resulting from conflicts with state statutes, applicable throughout Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Constitution. Article 9, Section 2 of the Pennsylvania Constitution is very clear on the parameters of what self-government charters can regulate within local government units.

If DCED’s Home Rule Charter were legally reviewed before voters went to the polls to ratify it in 2010, perhaps no one would question it.

Morelli insists last year’s election is no reason to change the Home Rule charter, but the election committee has never hired an election commissioner, not the deputy election commissioner as required by Pennsylvania election law.

In the 11 years since the passage of the Home Rule Charter, the dysfunction that has persisted for years has not only continued, but is a direct result of the Home Rule Charter

There is no accountability for violation of the Luzerne County Charter because there is no uniform enforcement and equal justice under the law as enshrined in the Pennsylvania and US constitutions. It was very apparent that there is a two-tier system that refutes Morelli’s claim that nepotism and nepotism ended with Home Rule unless you were part of the courthouse’s network of friends and family.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am neither for nor against a self-governing or commissary form of government, as there is no such thing as a perfect form of government.

However, Luzerne County was and still is a very tribal mob protection racket, even after the 2008 arrests of elected county officials. Home rule never eradicated public corruption in Luzerne County. It just screened and reshuffled the cast of characters around different positions within the county.

I ask that the press and the populace not be fooled or intimidated by the elites who deflect all attempts to remedy the deficiencies and legal conflicts with the charter, which will instead produce genuine and legitimate self-government, applicable to all residents of Luzerne County is considered the Associated Courthouse Racket.

Markus Rabo


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